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Motorised curtains & blinds modern living 

Motorised Blinds, Curtains Blinds & Design Whangarei

Motorisation for curtains & blinds ease of use

Motorised curtains and blinds are an on-trend, highly desirable and luxurious investment in your home that adds value to your real estate and can be a strong selling point.

As technology evolves and demand increases, motorised curtains and blinds continue to come down in price while also offering a bigger bang for your buck. Today’s motorised curtains and blinds are discrete, silent and strong and come in both wired and wirefree options that can be operated in the way that suits you best.

Whether you’re motorising and automating curtains and blinds for new window treatment installations or retrofitting your existing curtains and blinds, here’s everything you need to know about motorisation and automation of your curtains and blinds.

Benefits of motorisation and automation for curtains and blinds

When you motorise and automate your curtains and blinds there are so many benefits in addition to the obvious advantages of convenience and adding real estate value to your home. 

Motorised Blinds, Curtains Blinds & Design Whangarei

      Automating and motorising your curtains and blinds…

  • Saves you money by allowing you to better insulate your home

  • Makes your home safer for children and pets by eliminating cords

  • Protects your furniture and interiors from sun damage with sensors or timers

  • Allows you to easily open and close curtains and blinds on hard-to-access window

  • Provides you with instant privacy

  • Acts as a deterrent to thieves when you are not at home

  • Gives you hands-free control when you need it most

  • Reduces cleaning time and protects your curtains and blinds from stains

  • Improves your sleep by easing you into the day with a timed opening

  • Integrates into your existing smart home system

  • Affords you the choice of controls

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