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Panel glide blinds ease of use


 smart, modern and contemporary

Our Panel Glide blinds are just the thing if you want to cover a big window or a sliding door.

Big panel blind slats overlap elegantly but don’t get us wrong; the panel blinds are also great in smaller spaces too.

Curtains Blinds & Design Whangarei
Curtains Blinds & Design Whangarei

panel glide blinds​

If you’re looking for a smart, modern and contemporary alternative to venetian blinds, then you needn’t look any further than this beautiful collection of sliding panel blinds.


The vertical panel for sliding doors and big windows are versatile and easy to use.


Our range of panel glides fabrics is wide, featuring a carefully curated selection of textures and plains in a whole host of fashionable shades.


Plus you can pick from a light filtering fabric that will keep out the glare but still keep things airy, or blackout protection on your panel track blinds to stop the sun from hijacking your space and protect your furniture.


Our panel blinds for sliding glass doors are just the shading solution you need to stay chic and contemporary.

Panel blinds add a relaxed style to large windows, sliding and bi-fold doors. Tall vertical panels stack neatly to one side of the window for unobstructed views, and glide effortlessly closed for night-time privacy.

Each tall vertical panel is connected. An easy-to-use wand controls the lead panel, which pulls the remaining panels in sequence, in one easy glide action.

  1. Relaxed style

  2. Easy-to-use

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