Care & Maintenance Blinds

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning is essential to improving the longevity and maintaining the quality of your blinds.

TIP: Prior to cleaning any blind always test an area that would not normally be seen.

Aluminium Venetian, Wood Look & Cedar Venetian


Before raising the venetian always ensure that the slats are tilted fully open. When opening the window behind the venetian always raise the blind first. Pushing your hands through the slats only causes unnecessary wear and tear on the blind and may cause one of the slats to kink if aluminium. Once kinked it cannot be unkinked.


Keeping your venetian blinds clean is as easy as using a feather duster once a week.

Aluminium and Composites can be wiped gently with a damp sponge if needed.

Cedar venetians are best dusted or wiped with a completely dry cloth. No water or moisture is recommended while cleaning cedars at all.

Block out, Translucent Roller & Sunscreen Blinds


When raising and lowering binds take care not to pull the chain across the fabric. This can cause fraying.


For general cleaning use a feather duster regularly or alternatively vacuum the blind on a low setting.

Stains or smudges can be removed with lukewarm water and neutral soap on a sponge.  The sponge should be squeezed almost dry.

Hard rubbing must be avoided when cleaning as this may cause permanent damage to the blinds fabric.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals & Cleaners

Certain products should be avoided when cleaning window coverings. Strong detergents, alcohol wipes, and any alkaline solution should not be used as they remove protective layers on the material and can cause discoloration, warping, or other damage to your blinds.

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