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Dual Roller Blinds - Practical & Versatile

Dual roller blinds are becoming incredibly popular as they are simply more versatile

and practical than a singular roller blind. 

During the day, you can have the sunscreen blind partially or fully lowered in order to filter the UV rays and glare from the sun out, allowing you to have light in your home without any unpleasant side effects.  The sunscreen blind also allows you to see out during the day, preserving your views and a sense of openness in the home.

At night time, you can lower the Roller blind (which, as previously stated, is commonly made from a block out fabric) in order to stop the light from traffic, streetlights, neighbouring homes and other sources from entering through the window and disturbing you.  It also gives you complete privacy when the blind is fully lowered.

As well as being practical, double roller blinds are also very aesthetically appealing.  They have sleek, clean lines that closely fit to the window, making them perfect if you like simpler, or more minimalistic styles.  There is also a huge range of different fabrics to choose from for both the outer Roller blind and the inner Sunscreen blind.  The outer Roller blind can be made in just about any colour or pattern you can think of as long as it is available in a fabric.  The inner Sunscreen blind is available in a range of solid colours that you can coordinate with the outer blind.

If you like the sleek, clean look of roller blinds but you’re tired of not being able to control them the way you like, there is a solution – Dual Roller blinds.

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