Choosing Curtains or Blinds ?

When it comes to window treatments there is a variety of choice, so how do you decide what's best for your room? Curtains or Blinds ?

Decorating your home is loads of fun. After all, you get to go shopping and buy all new things. But, it can also be difficult at the same time, because you will see so many nice things it can be hard to decide which ones to use. There are some beautiful curtains and drapes available, but blinds look terrific too. Which are you going to use? Some of the things to consider when making your decision include:

- Appearances

- Functionality - Maintenance

- Installation



For a small window it is unpractical to have a curtain, blinds are a much easier solution. Curtains require a fair bit of stack back space, and can enclose a small bedroom and placement of furniture becomes limited. Blinds are perfect in a childs bedroom and can be supplied with child safety chains that are secured to the window frame.

Blinds will also look great with most decorating styles. While most people are used to seeing typical solid colors, there are actually a number of different styles of blinds and textured fabrics available. Blinds can be made from many different materials, including faux wood and wood. If you have modern furnishings, faux wood or vinyl fabric blinds will look great.

One solution is Venetian Blinds - using a Fauxwood 50mm slat (as above) or an Aluminium Venetian Blind, you can control the amount of privacy and light that you want in the room at all times by tilting the blades or slats on the blind.

A good combination for the bedroom is dual blinds on a double bracket system

One is a solid Blockout Rollerbind and the other is a Sunscreen Blind this way you can let the light in during the day, while maintaining privacy, and use the Blockout Rollerblind at night to have totally privacy and keep the warmth in.



In a cosy, or small, space you don't want a whole lot of different types and patterns of curtains, it can be overwhelming and sometimes make a space look smaller.

Sticking to one colour and type of curtain (ie pleated, floor length or gathered) can make a small room look larger. A few specific styles of homes do suit a range of styles but in general it is best to stick to one style throughout the house , otherwise it can get too complicated.

When deciding whether curtains should be neutral or a statement piece stick to the general rule that there should be no more than three things going on in a room at once. Using this guideline, if there are already three signature items in a room, curtains should be a neutral colour. However this is merely a general rule and some spaces are able to take a variety of statement pieces without looking overdone or too cluttered.

Curtains should always make contact with the floor, you don't want them to look like trouser pants that are too short. To give the impression the room is larger, take the curtains all the way up to the ceiling, or above the height of the window frame.

Curtains provide good thermal insulation, soften a room and block the light.

Consider a Combination

There is one more option to consider. If you are having a really difficult time choosing between curtains and blinds, why not use both? Yes, it is going to be a bit more expensive, but it is going to look terrific, and you will have all of the functionality of both. Basically, you will be getting the best of both worlds. You can open the blinds all the way to get more light into the room, but have the curtains closed for privacy. Also, having curtains over blinds is going to give any room a more finished look.


Something else that you need to consider when trying to choose between curtains and blinds is functionality. The two main functions of either are privacy and the ability to control how much light enters a room. Heavy curtains will block most of the light coming in from outside, but if you open them to get more light in the room, you won't have a lot of privacy. Blinds are great for both light and privacy. You can open them a little bit or all the way, and you will still have a degree of privacy. They are also easy to use. To open or close, all you have to do is twist the rod.


Maintenance should be one of the most important factors when deciding between curtains and blinds. How easy are each to care for? If you choose curtains, you don't have to worry about dust, but you will have to wash them three to four times each year to keep them fresh looking. They shouldn't be washed more than this to avoid staining, unless of course something has happened and there is a stain that you need to get out right away. If you have lightweight curtains, you can easily toss them in the washer. For larger, heavier drapes, it may be necessary to have them dry cleaned. It is also a good idea to spray them with fabric fresheners every few weeks to keep them smelling fresh.

Blinds are also relatively easy to maintain, . If you smoke or have pets, the blinds will likely need to be cleaned more often. Each slat will need to be wiped down, either with a feather duster or even better, a damp cloth.


Whether you choose curtains or blinds, there is going to be some installation work involved. In most cases, it is going to be easier to install curtains. All you have to do is put up a curtain rod, and then hang the curtains. With blinds, there is a bit more work involved it may be better to have them installed by a professional unless you are experienced. They may not look quite right once you get them up if you choose to do the installation yourself.

For more advice, contact Anita @ Curtains Blinds & Design Ltd

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