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✨A Guide to Making The Right Choice For Motorised Blinds by Curtains Blinds & Design Whangarei

Considering new roller blinds? Why not motorise them! Motorised blinds add a luxurious feature to your home. And you’ll find they’re surprisingly affordable too.

Making The Right Choice For Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds add a luxurious touch to your home, as well as giving you all the convenience of opening and closing your roller blinds at the touch of a button. Along with their good looks, they’re also an ideal safety choice for those with young children by removing the need for blind cords. Better still, they’re surprisingly affordable.

Just like any window treatment decision, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the many options available. We explain some of the key features to think about to make the ideal choice for your home.

What are motorised blinds?

When you select any roller blind from our Curtains, Blinds & Shutters Range, it can be easily transformed into a motorised version. All you need is a minimum window width of 500mm (or a maximum of up to 6 to 8 sqm for a single blind). Once you’ve decided which motor is best for your needs, our expert team will then make your vision a reality!


I want to motorise my blinds, but I’ve heard they are quite expensive?

At Curtains Blinds & Design Whangarei, we offer one of the most cost-effective roller blind motors in the market. Our goal is to make motorised blinds affordable to everyone.

To get an accurate estimate, simply contact us at Curtains Blinds & Design Whangarei and ask about our motorised blinds.

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find how affordable motorised blinds can be!

Which motor should I choose when selecting my motorised blinds?

It’s simple and easy to choose which motor is best for your new roller blinds:

  • Is your house a new build and your walls aren’t yet gibbed? Consider a hard-wired motor option, where the wiring can be incorporated out-of-sight within the walls.

  • Looking to install them within a home that already has gibbed walls? Consider a battery or solar-powered option.

The good news is, whichever option is right for you, the motor will be tucked discreetly out of sight.

Can I operate multiple blinds at the same time – or will I need different remotes to operate each one?

There’s nothing worse than having your living spaces cluttered with remotes for different appliances and units. So you’ll be pleased to know that you can operate your motorised blinds (and even link each window blind together, if you wish) using a single multi-channel remote. This can control up to 15 roller blinds. You can also fix the remote to the wall, so it’s always easy to find.

I’m considering motorised blinds in my bedroom – but are they noisy?

Roller blind motors are quiet to operate, so you can rest easy when it comes to your sleep. Plus, you have the convenience of being able to set-up a custom schedule and timer. Instead of a jangling alarm clock, just imagine the luxury of being woken to natural daylight as your roller blinds open each morning at your set time.

Can I change the positioning of my window blinds depending on the season?

Absolutely! You can easily set and change your favourite positioning to welcome in as much sun as possible in winter and then reduce the glare during the hotter months.

What other features do motorised blinds offer?

You can choose from a range of clever options to make your motorised blinds even easier to use, including:

  • The ability to control your motorised blinds via remote, phone or tablet – giving you added security

  • Compatibility with a variety of home automation systems

  • For those wanting motorised blinds in hard-to-reach areas, there are electrical, micro-USB port or solar charging options

  • You also have the option of a ‘wire-free’ design where the antenna cable is completely concealed within the motor head unit

There are also a number (and a growing range) of third-party integrations with our roller blind units. If you use Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Assistant or Apple Homekit with Siri, you could even control your window blinds using your voice!

Are motorised blinds reliable?

The motors we use for our Curtains Blinds & Design Whangarei are durable, reliable and guaranteed.

We guarantee the quality of our motorised blinds. Depending on the type of motor you choose, we offer you between a three and seven year warranty.

How do I look after my battery motor?

We’ll supply you with a fully charged motor when producing your motorised blinds. While it depends on the size of the blind, and how frequently you use them, a motor can operate for up to 8-12 months before recharging is even required.

Recharging the battery is quick and simple (it usually only takes between two to three hours to recharge) and only needs to be done when the battery is completely flat. It’s important to remember not to leave it charging overnight. Overcharging may cause damage to your motor, voiding your warranty.

Which roller blinds should I choose?

Any majority of our blinds at Curtains Blinds & Design Whangarei can be transformed into a motorised version.

To get inspired, view our roller blind range now and then contact us at Curtains Blinds & Design Whangarei to book in for a Free In Home Consultation with Anita to see the gorgeous fabrics firsthand.

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