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Vision blinds are a stylish solution

sleek design, contemporary shading


Vision blinds are an innovative new window treatment also known as day and night blinds, zebra blinds or vision shades. They offer the best of both worlds: plenty of sunshine and uncompromised privacy. These modern blinds feature two layers of horizontal striped fabric (opaque and translucent), which work in harmony to gently filter light, or block it out completely.

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vision roller blinds

Vision blinds are a great way to bring style and elegance to any indoor or outdoor space.


The vision feature a unique combination of fabric and sheer material, allowing you to adjust the amount of light and privacy in any room.

One of the reasons why vision blinds are so popular is due to their versatility. These blinds give you all the benefits of a roller blind and Venetian combined, working in the same way as traditional blinds.


Vision are the ideal choice for areas like the lounge or computer room as they reduce a significant amount of glare from the sun. Plus, for complete ease of use, you can opt to motorise your vision blinds so that all movement can be controlled with the touch of a button.


Easy to maintain, visions are perfect for any home or office. With a variety of colors and textures, you can find the perfect blinds to fit your style and décor.


Enjoy the perfect combination of style and function with our vision collection

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