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Selling your Home? ✨8 ways to dress your home for inspection success ✨

Staging or styling your home before an inspection can be one of the most important actions to help maximise the value of your home once it’s on the market.

But preparing your home for prospective buyers can be a challenge, especially if you remain living in the property while it’s for sale.

If you’ve moved to your new home, you might find it a wise investment to hire a staging or styling company that will dress your home. They’ll rent furniture for the length of the sales campaign, ensuring that it enhances the property’s best features or they repurpose and layout your existing furniture in your new home.

But not everyone can move out, and if funds are not available to engage a professional firm, you can have a go yourself.


So, below are eight hot tips to dress your home for inspection success.

Back to nature

Homes that embrace the natural environment are the height of fashion. Consider placing indoor plants at strategic locations and using throw rugs made of natural fibres. If you have time to paint your main living area, various shades of olive green are a popular highlight. Check the internet for inspiration.

Tray trick

Bottles of various potions are often scattered untidily around the bathroom. Put them all together on a tray – the effect is dramatic, decluttering the room immediately.

Throw rugs

It’s great to use rugs to add a splash of colour, especially in bedrooms. If you can’t find a suitable rug to put at the end of your duvet or doona, consider a colourful sheet or empty duvet cover to add visual texture to the room.

Avoid symmetry

Ornaments on open shelves should vary in height to offer subtle visual interest. However, keep your knick-knacks to a minimum when selling, as you want buyers to picture themselves in your home rather than feel they’re a visitor.

Plump the beds

Top hotels use this strategy: layer your beds to look as luxurious as possible. It will give each bedroom additional appeal.


Make sure your home is tidy and ready for visitors. A messy home looks small and inadequate.

Let in the light

Move furniture away from the windows and pull back the curtains. Turn on all the lights. A home full of light always appears spacious.

Smell of success

It never hurts to enhance the impression of your home with scent. Essential oils or a few strategically placed high quality candles or scents sticks will do the trick nicely.

If you don’t feel you have the time or expertise you can contact us here at Curtains Blinds & Design . We offer these services and would love to help you get your home, so that’s it’s love at first sight with potential buyers.


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