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Kleenscreen is a blended weave that is woven between a 5%-8% openness, if offers a very contemporary colour range. This fabric is designed primarily for UV protection and glare reduction.


Kleenscreen has been very popular ever since we added it to our range of stock fabrics it provides a nice level of fabric openness whilst giving great UV protection.


Kleenscreen with Sanitized® Protection inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew on your fabric. This unique antimicrobial hygiene function enhances the performance of your shades for comfort and peace of mind.


Kleenscreen features 11 on trend colours, is available in 3000mm width, and has been manufactured with the health and safety of consumers in mind making it suitable for all residential and commercial applications.


Sunscreen Roller Blinds offer daytime privacy, as it gets darker outside, if you have the lights on inside, you will no longer have privacy. If you need daytime and nighttime privacy, consider making this blind a Double Roller Blind by ordering in combination with a Blockout Roller Blind.

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