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Are you winter-ready? Our guide to thermally insulating your home using window furnishings

Thermally insulate your home in time for winter with the help of curtains, blockout roller blinds and motorisation.

Stay warm and reduce your energy bills this winter. Read on to learn how to dress your windows for winter.

Thermal insulation stops heat escaping from your home

Thermal insulation is great news for your home, your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

Thermal insulation helps keep your home warm and snug when it's cold outside. It works by trapping warm air in your home, rather than letting it escape through your windows and doors, ceiling, walls and floors. In scientific terms it reduces heat transfer caused by heat radiation and conduction.

Premium quality window furnishings that incorporate blockout linings are made specifically to stop heat escaping and block cold draughts. They meet high standards for thermal insulation. Adding motorisation helps you stay in constant control of your home's temperature; you can use your phone or your voice to program your blinds to close before outside temperatures plummet.

Read on to find out about all the window furnishings that will help thermally insulate your home over winter. This includes our fabulous lined curtains, luxe double curtains, sleek double roller blinds, blockout roller blinds and effortless motorisation.

Layer a blockout roller blind behind your existing sheers: insulation with a touch of luxe texture

Installing a blockout roller blind behind sheer curtains is one of our most popular combinations. The functional roller blind insulates your room, controls light and privacy and sits discreetly behind your curtains. The sheers become the defining detail, bathing your space in diffused sunlight and making it feel cosy.

"If you already have sheers, install a blockout roller blind behind them to get your home winter ready."


A sheer curtain + blockout roller blind combo is a great all-rounder and a fantastic space-saving option. Fitting your blockout roller blind within your recess is super discreet. It won't project into your room and it helps seal in the warmth on wintry days. Your beautiful sheers can be wall or ceiling mounted to skim over your blinds.

Double curtains: a plush penthouse look and a warm, cosy home


Double curtains are two barriers against the outside elements. Just like you layer your clothes to stay warm, you can layer your sheer and blockout curtains on two tracks for a warm, cosy home. The blockout fabric is thermally insulating, whilst the sheer gives you daytime light control and creates a luxury hotel look.

Keep your sheers closed during the day to diffuse bright sunlight and add texture. Close your blockouts at night to layer up and stop cold air seeping in.

Blockout curtains are specially made using thermal linings. They are poor conductors of heat, which means the heat stays inside your room. The combination of two layered curtains has a seriously plush feel. In fact many of the world's top luxury hotels are choosing double curtains for their suites. You won't help but feel deliciously snug with double curtains in your home.

Blockout roller blinds and double roller blinds: sleek, minimal and thermally insulating


Our blockout roller blind fabrics have an acrylic lining, with the exception of few ranges. The acrylic lining helps prevent heat from escaping your room. Meaning a more energy efficient home and reduced electricity bills. Adding a pelmet to your blinds is an extra layer of protection from cold draughts and heat loss. Roller blinds look sleek in period homes, and perfectly complement modern minimalist abodes.

Double roller blinds are perfect for winter. Combine a thermally-insulating blockout roller blind with a light-filtering or sunscreen roller blind, and choose from our amazing range of fabric colours and textures. Having two blinds means two layers of protection when it's cold outside. They are affordable and premium quality, and you can choose the best fit option to seal in the most heat.

Choose between regular and slimline double brackets, or opt to combine a recess fit and face fit using two single brackets. Call us or email a photo of your windows for help choosing the best roller blind brackets, fit and roll direction.

Motorisation: effortless control to maximise your thermal insulation

Make your thermal insulation smart. Motorised blinds and curtains can help you maintain a warmer home, reduce your heating costs and lower your carbon footprint. You've got to love a blockout roller blind that can close automatically when temperatures drop outside.

"Retrofit your existing blockout roller blinds with motorisation. It's quick and easy and lets you schedule your blinds based on your routine and the weather"


Motorised blockout roller blinds and curtains are great value and easy to set up.

Our installation guides are super clear and take you through every step.

Choose between battery-powered and wired motors when you order your blinds.

The battery only needs charging once per year, and our wired motors run off your home's power.

All our Somfy motors are whisper quiet and an absolute delight to control.

Lined curtains: incredible insulation and a designer's best kept secret


Lined sheer curtains are one of the most insulating window furnishings. They're made of a sheer and a blockout lining joined together on one curtain track. Architects and designers love lined curtains for many reasons: they're super versatile, they're plush without projecting too far out from windows, and they add sophisticated drama to any room.

Pick a luxe sheer to soften your space and add texture, and choose a blockout lining. Our customers can now choose any sheer curtain in our range, and line it with a designer fabric. They look fantastic and work really hard to insulate your home all year round.

To help prevent cold draughts, choose floor-to-ceiling lined curtains and go for a wall-to-wall look to minimise any gaps around your curtains. We can help you design, measure and install your curtains for maximum insulation.


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